Tutorials 1

Here will be shown some tutorials how to use Nengoros. These will be aimed mainly on differences between original Nengo simulator and Nengoros, with focus on ROS communication and connecting simulator with external components.

To launch jython script, open Nengo GUI, open command line interface and write command as:

run nr-demo/gates/logic_crisp_gates.py

There are several main choices how to learn with NengoROS:

Learn with Nengo part

  • All demos of original Nengo simulator are unchanged and can be found under `nengo/simulator-ui/demo`
  • To see detailed information about these demo, go to Nengo demos from Waterloo University.

Learn with ROS(java) part

  • There are several specific demos related to NengoROS showing how to use ROSjava here.
  • External tutorials for ROSjava team can be found here. Note that many features of new ROS are not supported by rosjava_core v0.0.0 used here (such as catkin, packages etc).
  • Tutorials how to write rosjava nodes (with the version 0.0.0 currently used) can be found here.
Learn with Nengo-ROS part
  • These simple demos show how the modified Nengo can employ ROS nodes in the simulation.
  • The demo scripts can be found under: `nengo/simulatori-ui/nr-demo`
  • The Nengoros currently features the sub-project `demonodes`, where all demos are placed, see its readme for all information. More example nodes can be found in the project logic.
  • This section also shows several demos, examples how to write own nodes and how to integrate them.